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Are you fed up with snagging your hands and fingers on those dreaded gripper rods when preparing skirting boards?

Well, you need the Gripper Buddy! 

It simply fits over the gripper rod and locks underneath the skirting board and keeps those sharp tacks away from your hands allowing you to "rub with confidence".

  • Speeds up your preparation time
  • Protects your hands!

Louie has been decorating in Hampshire and Dorset for over 20 years and after working in the trade, he set up Brushstrokes Romsey in 2006. His business partner, Tony Gerrard, has been decorating in the Southampton area for over 7 years.

Louie employed Tony a year or so ago to help him with large jobs. Then in January 2015, they were working together in a bungalow that had all the carpets removed and both of them were unfortunate to injure their hands on the carpet gripper rods that were left behind.


Together, they designed the Gripper Buddy and have been using it ever since. They have applied for a patent which is currently patent pending.

They sourced a local company in Hampshire to produce The Gripper Buddy and  are proud that it can be made in Great Britain.

The Gripper Buddy is easy to use. Hold the Gripper Buddy in by the raised edge and tuck the lower edge under the skirting board then press down the raised edge over the gripper rods. This leaves your other hand free to abrade the surface of the skirting boards right down below the gripper line leaving your task with the most professional finish and you without injury.


The Gripper Buddy has received good feedback so far. Some decorators insist that they pull up the rods and charge the customer for their time! This, Louie and Tony feel, is unnecessary and costly for the client. Alternatively some decorators say they smash the spikes down with a claw hammer which also leaves the client to replace at their own cost, not to mention the decorator has had to approach the gripper rods twice, when he only needs to visit once on preparation before painting.



The Gripper Buddy should be part of every decorators
Personal Protective Equipment.