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We apologise, but we are currently out of stock of the Gripper Buddy.  Please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as new stock arrives.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



New Product to protect your hands

Are you fed up with snagging your hands and fingers on the dreaded gripper rods when preparing the skirting boards?

The Gripper Buddy is for Decorators

The Gripper Buddy is easy to use, Hold the Gripper Buddy in by the raised edge and tuck the lower edge under the skirting board, then press down the raised edge over the gripper rods.


The Gripper Buddy was designed by two decorators for decorators in the trade just like YOU.


The feedback we have received so far has been excellent, from decorators who have used the Gripper Buddy.

Health and Safety

We feel that the Gripper Buddy should be part of every decorators Personal Protective Equipment.

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Buddy Tools products have been designed by Tony Gerrard and Louie Martin who have both been in the decorating trade for many years

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All our Buddy Tools products are made here in the UK using British Craftspeople and Engineers to make a quality product to be proud of

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